“The Technoport was the ideal home for us. Through uncertainty, rebrands, acquisitions and wild pivots, the Technoport was a stable and constant cradle for us. It allowed us to focus our attention where it was most needed, by providing us with the space and support we needed (whether or not we realized it!). The sense of community it fostered from its collection of young companies with similar characters and ambitions, gave both reassurance and enjoyment. We will be eternally grateful that we started our company’s story there!”

Alexander Finch | Engineer | www.bradford-space.com 

“Technoport gave us peace of mind when we launched our tech team in Luxembourg. It is an additional chance of success for the company because the team could focus on the product and the technology from the very first days while enjoying equipped, pleasant and attractive premises. Diego and his team have been a real help daily and always available and caring. With many connections to the Luxembourg ecosystem, it is an ideal environment to start a startup. Thanks to Manon, Michel, Olivier, Nicole and Diego for their precious help.”

Jérôme Pinneau  |  Co-Founder & CIO  |  finquest.com

“Technoport was one of the first to believe in us and we’re grateful that they provided us with a home, network and support system that exceeded our expectations. It allowed us to focus on growing our team and our business!”

Gilles Mangen   CEO & Co-Founder | www.clubee.com

“Technoport isn't afraid to support innovation. They were the first to believe in our idea and provided structure crucial to begin our journey. Technoport became ANote Music's first home, allowing us to grow fast.”

Matteo Cernuschi | Co-Founder & COO |

“While embarking on the roller coaster journey of Foobot, Technoport has been our nest. It’s where we built our team and where our expertise could quickly blossom.”

Jacques Touillon | Co-Founder & CEO | foobot.io

“An exceptional startup experience and undeniable success factor. Strongly recommended for IT innovation project founders!”

Charly Rohart | Co-Founder & CEO | www.rcdevs.com

“I would highly recommend Technoport to anybody starting a new venture in the region. Overall Technoport helps you focus on your business rather than spending time with everything around.”

Christophe Folschette | Partner & Co-Founder | www.talkwalker.com

“Technoport is not only the cheap real estate or the cost-effectiveness of shared resources. One of its major values is that you access to a broad set of young companies having similar problems, with which you can make interactions and learn from pitfalls or success stories.”

Pierre Van Wambeke | Seezam | www.seezam.com

“Technoport enables us to concentrate on our core business by taking advantage of Technoport’s infrastructure, experts and network. We are really happy to be part of it.”

Michel Held | Clariance | www.clariance.lu

“Technoport is a very nice place to start a company in and a great spot for meeting like-minded people. The Technoport management is always helpful with logistics, always knows someone to talk to, often someone who has encountered the same start-up problems and might help avoiding them.”

Nikhil Shrikhande | Jilbee | www.jilbee.com

“Creating a new business is a hard work with many tough obstacles tending to bring you down very quickly. It is extremely important to have a support during the incubation period. That is exactly what Technoport provides helping startups become real businesses.”

Andrey Kolishchak | GentleSecurity Software

“We benefited greatly by utilising the facilities and services offered at the Technoport. Technoport provided a full functioning operating facility, which allowed us to concentrate our efforts on our core business activities.Technoport handled all the basic business operational tasks and services. Things like utilities, phone system, receptionist, copier, fax and internet access were all provided. And more importantly, professional business consultation and advice was just a few feet away. There is no question in my mind that Technoport was a major contributor to our early success and we will be forever grateful to have had such a great resource available to us."

Pierre Gérard | Neonline | www.lesfrontaliers.lu

“Technoport has afforded us the opportunity to have a competent and functional low-cost office set-up, which has been essential to making our start-up successful. The coaching and advice as well as the mentoring presentations from other entrepreneurs have given us a great perspective on our posture as a start-up and been helpful if not essential to our decision making for the future of the company. Similarly, the networking opportunities as well as Entrepreneurial events organised and often funded by Technoport have been essential in getting our first press exposure and putting us in touch with other relevant parties in our arena. Technoport has organised internships with students from accross European universities which Onformonics has also benefited from. Technoport has also been instrumental in helping us to participate in the Erasmus Program for Young Entrepreneurs (run by Luxinnovation). All in all the collaboration with Technoport has been an important building block in creating a solid foundation for running a successful business for which we are grateful.”

Ella Alcasas | Onformonics

“As ourselves Technoport seeked and found its way. The result is a long-term and added-value partnership for everybody. I fully recommend to future technology-based entrepreneurs to take contact with Technoport and evaluate the potential outcome for their project.”

Matthias Schmidt | Magic Moving Pixel | www.mmp.lu



“Technoport is probably the most startup friendly incubator in Luxembourg. It made our life super easy, from starting our business at 2 from the coworking space to scaling to a team of 20, we literally didn't have to think about our office space and related facilities, growing was a breeze. Technoport is also a central hub for Luxembourg startups, which helped us meet very quickly other startups from our industry and connect with the entire ecosystem. We are really grateful for the amazing years we had at Technoport and for all the support we received. You guys rock!”

Kevin Muller | Founder and CEO | www.passbolt.com

“Technoport provided the facilities and flexibility we needed to start and grow our business.”

Eduardo Cruz | Country Manager | gomspace.com

“When we first started JOB TODAY, Technoport’s coworking became our very first home. Technoport offered us an amazing space to be creative and bold, and to follow our ambition.”

Eugene Mizin | Co-Founder & CEO | jobtoday.com

“Technoport provided us with all the resources we needed enabling us as the founders to focus on what truly mattered: growing and scaling our business.”

Genna Elvin | Co-Founder | www.tadaweb.com

“There is no question in my mind that Technoport was a major contributor to our early success, and we will be forever grateful to have had such a great resource available to us.”

Pierre Gérard | Co-Founder | www.jamendo.com

“Entrepreneurs are often techies or experts with their feet on the ground when it comes to technology, and their heads in the clouds when it comes to running a successful business. Technoport provided a supporting environment which covers a multitude of facets related to the operation of a start-up company we have been able to focus on developing our business and making it a success. Not having to worry about affordable office space, including modern communication facilities, server hosting with high speed redundant Internet connectivity, meeting rooms with all necessary multimedia equipment for professional presentations, mail, fax, print and secretarial services, a plethora of mentoring programs and the fellowship of other entrepreneurs means that you can only blame yourself for the lack of success.”

Martin Petrov | Onformonics

“I have seen how Technoport works being an employee in start-up company and see it now running my company. As a startup we received a nice environment, such as low cost office and related infrastructure, important connections with potential partners and authorities, consultancy, professional expertise of our business plan and etc., but probably most valuable is a warm participation of Technoport staff who understands you.“

Andrey Kolishchak | GentleSecurity Software

“Technoport is really a great concept for entrepreneurs. I got fantastic help from the people and everyone that I have come in contact with is very professionnal and efficient.
If I get a chance to do a new company in Luxembourg, I will definitelly come back to Technoport.”

Bill Wang | Truth Technologies | 

“After my experience with J-Way I’m convinced that Technoport is a wonderful place to launch an international business. They trusted and supported me during a very difficult initial phase, and it is this support that allowed us to gain our first major contracts. J-Way is now in a position to expand into overseas markets and here again we will look to exploit Technoport’s support and international contacts.”

Jean-Marc Boueyrie | J-Way | www.jway.lu

“Pour Luxscan le Technoport a été, et reste, un partenaire stratégique pour son développement. J’ai été impressionné par la facilité et la flexibilité de démarrage qui nous a été offerte à nos débuts. Cet accueil nous a permis de nous focaliser sur les choses essentielles pour le développement de notre société à savoir le développement de notre produit et la recherche de clients. Il est primordial pour une entreprise telle que la notre d’avoir un partenariat fort avec un acteur local tel que le Technoport. C’est notamment grâce à cela que nous avons pu résoudre différents problèmes qui se sont posés à nous lors et après notre sortie du Technoport. Parfois je me demande comment cette aventure ce serait concrétisée sans ce support."

Raphaël Vogrig | LuxScan | www.luxscan.lu

“Cybercultus’ development has been strengthen thanks to the help of the Technoport in:

The use of a modern infrastructure
The use of his high tech know how and professional services
The share of the knowledge from other companies
The access to the networks of their partners around the world
Today, Cybercultus works with large industries and organizations in Europe and develops partnerships with public and private organisations specialized in communication technologies (internet, broadcast, iTV), in content (museums, art galleries, tourism portals) and in IT services (software integrators, ASP).”

Farid Meinköhn | Cybercultus | www.cybercultus.com

“From Product Idea to Branding, Technoport has accompanied our management team. The result - we have a stronger business. We always knew we had great technology, now we have great commercial solutions, and more importantly we know our customers better. Technoport's role is to support innovation, and they do a great job. Any manager of a small technical company in Luxembourg should seriously consider building a strong relationship with Technoport.”

Yves De Pril | Conostix | www.conostix.com

“I first got in touch with Technoport during a business plan training session. This clearly helped me to develop the strategy of my existing company. Once accepted at Technoport I could focus on achieving my objectives within an ideal & professional work environment for a technology-based company. Being hosted within the incubator was also a crucial benefit for us for solving some administrative burdens we experienced in employing non-european highly-qualified software developers, without whom the company probably wouldn’t have known such a growth and success.”

Marco Peretti | SecureWave