The event space

The Technoport event space is the ideal platform for bringing innovative business ideas and concepts at the next level by developing a sustainable business model, feasibility study and proof of concept. The even space is accessible to entrepreneurial individuals and teams registering to the proposed service package. The event space packages provide flexible formulas to access the shared office infrastructure, connexions to networks as to the Technoport support team. 

events and activities

The event space is also an expression arena for the creative communities, for setting up hackatons, jams and other creative happenings. The events are supported by the Technoport to gather the creative and entrepreneurial minds to consolidate a dynamic innovative environment. Such activities stimulate the networking as the business relationships. Follow our current news feed to be informed of the various events that are hosted: Start-up week-ends, BBQ Game Jams, Apps foundry contest. Feel free to contact us if you wish to set-up a co-working event.      

EVENt space for living labs

A living lab is an open user-centred development process where targeted users & potential interested parties of a product/service concept are invited to interact and test the proposed product/service value. Living labs are operated with targeted users/customers for various project development purposes (product & service features co-creation, concept testing and usability tests), check the living lab section for more details.