Current SME Network

At Technoport we host a range of innovative businesses that are working at developing and increasing their market share to be able to join the list of successful companies that exited the incubator and are now generating significant revenue across many international markets. Take a tour and discover their innovative products and services.


Agilis Engineering

Agilis Engineering helps industrial companies to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of their critical production equipment, through a unique product and service portfolio covering the total equipment life. They have also developed an innovative non-mechanical decontaminatiom process for cost-intensive substrates and toolings.



Adding light from space to improve life on Earth


Redifining the way golfers connect and travel around the world. All Square is a Luxembourg-based startup founded in 2013 by two students from HEC Lausanne in Switzerland. Designed by golfers for golfers, All Square is engineered to bring golfers together from all parts of the World. We thrive to connect people who share the same passion for the beauty of the game.


Ama Mundu Technologies offers innovative technologies for water extraction with low energy consumption to livestock and agriculture industries, biogas plants, sustainable buildings and hospitality industry.



APS revolutionized credit/debit card by introducing innovative, safe, and compatible method to ensure security of card payment in the future


ARTNOLENS is a startup specialised in the development of tools for the creative industries.


Business Solutions for Innovative Cleaning is a company offering expertise in the fields of innovative cleaning and scouring. It analyses, defines, develops and installs the most appropriate solutions based on three different technologies: laser, atmospheric plasma and cryogeny (dry ice blasting).


provides storage and payment solutions for the digital currency Bitcoin.
We allow individuals and businesses to create a wallet and start using bitcoins instantly



Find bugs before they find you!Adopt Agile Delivery practices by using continuousphp, a Platform as a Service to build, test, package and deploy php project.


Deep Space Industries

The Deep Space Industries strategy is to develop and prove capabilities in three initial areas: flying missions to Near Earth Object (NEO) targets; manipulating and maneuvering NEOs; and processing NEO materials.



EME is an industrial engineering company working on innovative conveyors. They will start the production and assembly of a new range of conveyors in 2017 to better serve different industrial segments by adding specific functions.



Where investors, advisors, and CEOs get connected

iNUI Studio

iNUI Studio is a software company focused on developing innovative Natural User Interfaces solutions (Multi-touch, Gestures recognition and Facial recognition) for a very wide range of applications and markets, such as culture, education, medical technologies, tourism, entertainment, marketing, finance, etc... 


ITTM provides data integration and knowledge management solutions as well as services to improve the value and lifespan of your bio-medical data. 


Leko Homes - the only home that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it.

Lion Nano-Systems

Lion Nano-Systems is dedicated to creating cutting edge analytical instrumentation for scientists. We work with some of the largest names in microscopy/microanalysis to provide game changing analytical tools.

Maps System

Maps System offers innovative cross-media publishing solutions, based on a powerful data management system able to centralise all the marketing data available in an organisation and facilitate its distribution on different media.


Yes, we perform 3D scanning & 3D printing. 
But we see them bigger than ever ! 

MPG (MolecularPlasmaGroup)

MPG MolecularPlasmaGroup (former FunCoats) is delivering nanometric super-hydrophobic coating services and patented products using atmospheric plasma process.



Creating smart, innovative & emotional products,
breeding new and exciting tech species.


SYD offers a complete solution to help you better manage your business transactions and to help you better coordinate all relations between the people who are directly or indirectly involved.


The open source password manager your team was waiting for.



Optimising the Control of Urban Water Systems


Safe & Sustainable Wilderness Discovery.

SPARC Industries

SPARC Industries sarl is a spin-off from GRADEL sarl. The core competence of our company is the development of plasma-based technologies. SPARC Industries is currently researching and developing three technologies in this field. The IEC Thruster (for satellite propulsion); a Neutron generator and a Plasma simulation software


Sport50 is an online network for sports organizations which offers sports-specific digital services to its members.


Sustainwater implements innovative, efficient and perennial solutions in all areas related to water. The team around Prof. Vasel has more than 30 years of cumulative experience in water treatment in general.



Innovative solutions for Biowaste storage and transportation


Accelerating diagnosis through digital microscopy and artificial intelligence.


Vibrationmaster is a test equipment design and manufacturing specialist that incorporates cutting-edge research and development with leading custom build capabilities.



Helps developers to go faster from design to code by reusing the knowledge embedded in the design and converting it into ready-to-use source code. It improves the way developers create web & mobile applications and considerably reduces development costs. 



Making Real Estate Digital.


connecting athletes with jobs & scholarships !

Foreign Companies Research and Innovation Centres


smart mission operations for nanosatellite megaconstellations

Guala Closures Group

Guala Closures is an Italian Group, worldwide leader in the development and production of caps for the spirit, wine, beverages and oil markets; with 25 plants across 5 continents and 4.000 employees, it produces more than 14 billion caps per year with a turnover higher than 500M Euro; the Group is also present in the Pharma and PET markets. The company decided to create a new Innovation Centre in our industrial facilities in Foetz.


The future of Space will be made there.

MASH / NoTie

Life Amplified, finance simplified - Payment solutions, consumer credit & credit cards.